Client Testimonials

Learn more about what our clients think about Astute Debt Agreements.

`You guys were simply amazing. By day one I was stressing so much less, and I wanted to thank you for dealing with my mixed emotions. I know I can be a little demanding, but you all were so amazing. Thank you!

AliciaBrisbane, QLD, Australia

I can’t speak highly enough about your services. I was pretty scared about what would happen if I didn’t get this all sorted out. But after speaking with you I was immediately at ease. I should have just done it sooner!

BrianSunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Brilliant company with excellent advice. I have now changed my life for the better and can sleep at night stress free. Highly recommended to anyone worrying about paying debts.

KevinGold Coast, QLD, Australia

I would like to thank the young man who helped me with my Debt Agreement. I didn’t really understand what it all meant until speaking with him, and he helped me to solve my issues which was giving me stomach problems from the stress. Thank you so much, I feel much better about everything now, and the people have stopped calling me and harassing me for money.

VictoriaBrisbane, QLD, Australia

I shouldn’t have left everything to get out of hand, but didn’t wan to face it all. Thanks to you guys I have now changed my career and am looking to start saving for a new home. I am really amazed that more people are not educated about your services, it really has changed my life.

MichaelIpswich, QLD, Australia

Personal Insolvency sounded like an option I was willing to accept. So I decided to go a head with your advice on a debt agreement. I just wanted to say thanks, as I didn’t get a chance when I saw you last. I also gave your business card to a friend, who will b in touch soon. Cheers 🙂

DaveLogan City, QLD, Australia